Saturday, March 27, 2010


Many believe that Uluru (or Ayers Rock) is the largest monolith (meaning 1 rock) in the world. Situated in the Australian outback, it is quite the sight. It looks very out of place amidst the low trees and desert land. Many parts of Ayers rock are scared sights to the Aboriginals and cannot be photographed. Uluru is the name given to the rock by the Aboriginals and is named after a special waterhole in the area where kids can swim. Ayers Rock (the white man name) was named by the man who found it and named it after the women he was to marry's father (the women ended up marrying someone else though!) Ayers Rock is 348 meters tall (if there are 3 feet in a meter, how many feet is Ayers Rock?) Shawn and I had a wonderful time trekking around the base of this rock (about 14 kilometers or 8.4 miles) and watching the sunrise over it. I also interviewed our guide about the rock but it was so windy at the time that all you can hear is wind on the video. Oh well. I do have another special video for you to see the pest that kept bothering us on our journey


  1. Wow! 8.4 miles around the base? How long did that take you? I hope you had plenty of water. Did you swim in the water hole?

  2. You have the exact same picture as Guillaume and me - except yours actually turned out well!
    And NOW you talk about the flies! i love your dance! Did you end up buying the nets?