Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Man Challenge

The other weekend, Shawn did an over 500 kilometer scooter ride. Here in New Zealand, they do not use miles like we do, they use kilometers. Actually most places in the world use a kind of measurement system called the metric system. In the states, we use the imperial or standard system. Anyway, Shawn, his friend Caleb, and some other guys did the New Zealand Man Challenge and rode scooters for 500 km or over 300 miles. They had a great time even though cars were whizzing by the whole time and they had to ride on the shoulder (they call it the side road here)! While away, Shawn and Caleb lived on cereal and avocados!


  1. Cereal and avacados? That's quite a weight loss diet Shawn. How fast do the scooters go and how long did it take you to go that far?

  2. Cereal and avacados! At least it's good food. :-)
    I also want to know how long it took to go that far on the "side road."

  3. shawn said he was gone for 2 days of scootering!