Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mount Maunganuhi and the boy house

Right now, Shawn and I are staying with one of his friend's named Caleb. Caleb lives in Mount Maunganui (here they call it The Mount) which is a town on the Bay of Plenty in eastern New Zealand. Caleb lives in a 2 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and 5 guys live in it! Shawn and I are sleeping on the floor in the living room (lounge as they call it) and loving every minute of it! The house is 1 block from the beach and it is fun to be around a lot of kiwis (what we call New Zealanders). We have been exploring the town which is settled on the beach and next to a "mountain" (not as big as the Rocky Mountains)that Shawn and I got to hike up. Shawn is also doing some surfing (we now know that you run...not walk...to the surf) and I am doing some beach reading! One of the guys living in the house is training for a hike in the Artic and he hikes up the Mount with 2 tires attached to him. Another guy living there is a surf instructor...maybe he will teach me how to surf!


  1. I hope he teaches you how to surf. I would be so proud to have a surfing sister!
    I can't believe you are staying with *5* boys, and there is only *1* bathroom! I hope they keep it clean for you.
    I also cannot even believe that that guy is hiking with the tires like that. Craziness!

  2. This looks awesome! Do you have a crash city video of Shawn surfing? ;)