Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More on gloworms...

Since Audrey wanted to see some gloworm pictures...here they are! Do you remember when we had stuffed gloworms when we were kids, Audrey!? I loved mine. Since gloworms are part of the spider famile, they make a silk web. It does not look like a normal spider web though...it is silk strands that hangs down and catches bugs, spiders, and other gloworms for eating. Oh...and I threw in a couple of nice pictures of the cave for good measures!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!
    I just posted a comment on your other gloworm post, before reading this one, asking you if you remembered the stuffed glow worms that we had when we were kids. I guess you do remember. :-) I love mine, too!!!!
    I can't BELIEVE how beautiful the gloworms are and how amazingly your camera captured that beauty. That one picture looks like stars.
    And the light going into the cave is just amazing.

  2. Beautiful! It's hard to believe those are glow worms they look just like stars. Kristen, I bet some of your students had or have glow worms. The pictures are breathtaking. They look like they were taken by a professional.

  3. Love the pictures. Juliette got her first stuffed glow worm for Christmas this year. It plays six songs and the face lights up during them. She had to have one b/c I remember having one when I was little too. However the new ones are shorter than the one I had. She also got her first Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas. Another favorite toy I had as a kid.

  4. holy crap, those glow worm/starry sky is perhaps the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!