Thursday, March 11, 2010

The most beautiful lake in the world

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand is the most beautiful lake in the world! I have seen blue oceans before but lakes are not usually as colorful since the water is still (and not flowing like a river or ocean.) It is the beautiful blue-green because of the reflection of bright sun off of super clean water. It gets the creamy look from "rock flour". Basically the glaciers here gring the sedimentary rock into a fine powder as the rocks tumble down the glaciers into the rivers or lakes. That powder deposits ino the water and turns it a beautiful milky color. Lake Tekapo was surrounded by mountains (they are the White Mountains from The Lord of The Rings) and the mountains are covered in golden tussocks (like wheat)! It was absolutely marvelous! There is also the nicest little church there. It is the only church in town so all denomenations share it. They create a schedule for who can use it when@


  1. The lake looks beautiful; it's interesting how the glaciers grind the rock into fine powder to help create that glorious color.
    Wow, and there's only one church in town.

  2. We are so pleased you saw Lake Tekapo at its best. Christine's cousin is staying with us at the moment and she has a bach (holiday home) at the Lake. There are less than 800 residents in the area so the services often have more tourists in the congregation than locals. At Christmas she told me a family from Singapore and a young woman from Singapore who went to the same church in Singapore were there - they didn't know the others were going to even be in NZ.

  3. So interesting that all of the denominations share the church. I just can't imagine that happening in, say, Louisiana.
    And that lake really DOES look amazingly gorgeous! I wonder if it is even more beautiful that the lakes that you will see at Plitvice.
    I am so glad that you are keeping this blog so that I can use it as a travel guide for when I go to New Zealand. :-P