Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crossing over

To get from the North Island of New Zealand to the South Island, you have to take a ferry. There is no bridge. The ferry takes about 3 hours and goes through a couple of different sounds (bodies of water caused by rivers and the ocean meeting). It was quite beautiful (even though I slept most of the way) and Shawn even saw about 50 dolphins. Since the south island is so far south on the globe the terrain is very different. In a couple of days, we will even be in the glacier (giant ice chunks) region!


  1. Kristen, I am learning so much about the world from your blog. I can't wait to see the glaciers. And I absolutely love the picture of you and Shawn.
    Did you know that dolphins will stick their snout in a piece of sea sponge and break it off so they can root around in the sand for food without getting injured. That must look funny.

  2. ooh, krist, you're so freckly!
    I want to go to the south island of New Zealand, but I am afraid I would get sick on the ferry.
    I also can't wait to see the glaciers! You guys are doing such cool things!