Sunday, March 14, 2010


One thing we learn about in kindergarten is the Sydney Opera House. Now that I am in Australia, we got to finally see it. And...IT IS SO COOL! It is as unique as it looks in pictures. We even got to go on a tour of the inside which was very nice. There were 2 main auditoriums (places where people perform.) One was for the opera and the other was used for symphonies, concerts, etc. My mom used to play her flute in the symphony so I think that she should come and play here! We learned that a man named Utzon designed the opera house but was kicked off the project towards the end. He was then reinstated to finish it but never came back (he was Danish) to see it. We also went to Sydney's famous Bondi Beach and took a ferry under the famous Sydney Bridge. I also got to try vegemite which is an Australian spread. I put it on my toast and it tasted...interesting. I think we will all need to try it in kindergarten next year! Ok, well, Next stop...Tasmania. I hope we'll see some wild animals (but no lizards!) Speaking of animals...our first day here we were greeted by cockatoos (birds with funny hair!!)


  1. Oh fun, the cockatoos!
    Were you impressed with Bondi Beach? I thought there were WAY TOO MANY people!
    So cool that you took a tour of the opera. We just looked at it from the outside. I loved your singing! Beautiful!
    It's funny how we both now have pictures of ourselves jumping like that in Australia.

    I take it you didn't make it to the zoo?

  2. no we didn't go to the zoo. but a baby elephant mr. shuffles was just born there. we will try to go to the brisbane zoo. and yes, i agree, bondi beach was way too crowded. i am not sure why it is so was good to see but we didn't spend much time there!

  3. Hey Kristen and Shawn!!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!! Do they celebrate that there? Loved your song in front of the Opera House. The weather looks wonderful there...

  4. I love the picture of you flying through the air. What is that on Shawn's shirt? A skier turning a flip?
    The Sydney Opera House, yes I would definitely like to play my flute there. Maybe we can do a duet Kristen. Your pitch was excellent! The reason I wanted your picture in front of it was so that I can put it next to the picture of Audrey and Guillaume in front of it. It's the same but different...perfect!
    Beautiful birds!