Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pancake rocks, a hitchhiker, and a truck house

So we left Nelson and drove down the west coast to a town called Punakaiki. On our way, we picked up a hitchhiker (Richard from Wales) who stayed with us for 2 days. Punakaiki is a town that had 3 buildings and 2 places to stay. Shawn and I stayed in a house truck! It was basically an old truck converted into a room! It was so awesome and when we looked out the window from our bed, we were looking directly into the beach Punakaiki is known for its rock formations called the Pancake Rocks. Basically they are limestone rocks that have been pounded and pounded over time and look like a stack of pancakes!


  1. It looks like an old trolly car..and it overlooked that beautiful blue ocean? The rock formations are very cool.

  2. The truck house you stayed in sounds SO RAD! :-) It's so beautiful there, and those pancake rocks look yummy!