Thursday, March 25, 2010

National Parks, chocolate, and Aussie Rules Football

Tasmania was beautiful. There are not a lot of big cities in this state (Launceston where we were is the second largest city in the state), mostly it is full of national parks. Now National Parks aren't like playground parks with swings and is land that the government sets aside as protected land that can't be used for buildings or cutting down trees which means that the animals that live there can stay in their homes. We did a lot of hiking in these areas and it was beautiful. With Shawn's friend J-Rod as our guide we explored lots of National Park area and even saw wild wallabies (like a kangaroo but smaller!) Tasmania is also home to the Cadbury chocolate factory. I knew of Cadbury from those yummy chocolate eggs filled with creme that come out at Easter time! What gives the chocolate the distinct flavor is the sweet Tasmanian milk. I bought a dark chocolate toffee bar (are you drooling yet mom?) and loved every piece of it! Finally we went to an Aussie rules football game to watch J-Rod play. Don't be fooled by the is nothing like SAINTS football. The ball (called a Sherrin) is bigger than our football. Also, the players don't wear any pads and they can run up another person and jump off him. The best way to describe it is by saying it is like a rough combination of all the major sports! J-Rod played great! Thanks J-Rod and Emma for a great time in Tasmania!


  1. My mouth is watering! Thank you J-Rod and Emma for hosting Kristen and Shawn and showing them Tasmania.

  2. Super fun! How nice of them to host you. I am glad that you enjoyed the cadbury factory. I hated it, because it meant there was no vegan chocolate to be found in all of Australia. :-9
    That cocoa bean thing in your hand (at least I think that's what it is) looks like bananas from afar.