Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The mongoose attack**

**Upon further investigation, we have learned that New Zealand does not even have any Mongooses (mongeese?) and it was a possum. While at a visitor site in town, I looked up a possum which is described as a cute, calm, timid, and docile animal. The people who wrote that have apparently never been attacked by one!


  1. So I just looked up a mongoose, and they do look super similar to possums, except that possums are much scarier looking. They have these weird pointy mouths. I can see why you would have run.
    Maybe it chased you because it thought you had food?
    According to WikiAnswers, if ever you are chased by an actual mongoose, run, as they can be very dangerous with their sharp teeth and pointy claws, and they can also be very aggressive.
    Maybe it really was a random stray mongoose that just so happened to be in New Zealand, and not an adorable, docile possum.

  2. i think that you are right audrey. it must have been a mean mongoose that came over to nz as contraband! thanks for looking that up!

  3. I just read that true possums which are found in Australia, so probably NZ also, do not play dead (you've heard the phrase "playing possum"). They are marsupials and if they are cornered they will scratch and bite. I just bet your medium size critter thought he was cornered.