Thursday, March 25, 2010


We flew down to Tasmania (an island state off the southeast corner of mainland Australia) which is known for its Tasmanian Devils. Looney Toons has a show about Taz the Tasmanian Devil so I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. The Tasmanian Devils do not look or act anything like Taz! They are smaller carniverous creatures (meaning they eat only meat). They are endangered now though (meaning they might all die soon) because of tumors they get on their mouths which kill them. Once they get this tumor, there is no chance of them surviving. People are researching now to try to find out how they get these tumors and how to make them stop. Even though they are not the nicest creature (they bite hard!) and they make a noise that sounds like a grunting and a hissing, they were still pretty cute...whiskers and all!


  1. I wonder how these cute little creatures got the name devil attached to them?

  2. The little devils were all in hiding when we were in Australia. I was so sad. We didn't have time to go see them specifically, except at the zoo, where they didn't want to come out.
    I'm not sure i like this video.
    Was that you LAUGHING at the end?!?