Friday, June 4, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Whoever said that traveling by trains through Eurpoe was easy is wrong. We decided that since we wanted to get from Milan, Italy to Vence, France (which is not a very far distance) we would try out these trains. First we took a metro with all of our stuff to the train station. Then we boarded a train to Vence. What they didn't tell us is that first, we would have to get off and switch trains in Ventimiglia. So, off we got with all of our stuff and climbed up and down stairs until we found our new platform. We got on this train which did not go to Nice, but to Monte Carlo...the Nice one was canceled. There, we had to get off and go up and down more stairs to get a train to Nice. There were no seats available on this train so we stood. There we had to get off and get a new ticket to Cagnes Sur Mer. There we learned that there were no trains to Vence so we would have to take a bus. Fortunatley we could not figure out the bus chart (we learned later that if we would have gotten on the bus they told us to, we would have gone back to Nice) so we took a cab to our hotel. Wow. When researching a train to our next stop, Copenhagen, we learned that it would take 30 hours and 10 different trains. We will be taking a 2 hour flight!

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  1. Smart plan taking that flight instead!
    Sounds like a HORRIBLE train experience! They're not usually THAT bad.