Monday, June 7, 2010

The Little Mermaid

The author of the original Little Mermaid book is Hans Christian Andersen. Hans was from right here in Copenhagen and this is where he wrote his famous fairy tales. Because of this, a statue of the Little Mermaid was commissioned to be built in 1913. Since then, the Little Mermaid has sat on her rock and people come from all over the world to see her. Including me. I have loved the Little Mermaid since I saw the Disney movie in 1989. The whole reason that we came to Copenhagen was to see her statue. I even brought my Little Mermaid shirt on the trip with me and have not worn it this whole time so that I could wear it for the first time with the statue. Unfortunately, on our train ride from the airport, I learned that the Little Mermaid was on vacation in China. I was not happy. In her place is a screen with live footage of her in China. I was pretty disappointed the whole day...until...we got to the place where she used to sit. Shawn then had a brilliant idea. He suggested that I wade out in the water and sit on her rock. So, I actually got to be the Little Mermaid. Not too many people can say that, especially since this is the first time she has ever been moved! So even though I have not actually seen the Little Mermaid statue (just live footage from China), I am still happy!


  1. You make a GRAND Little Mermaid! Love this.

  2. You make a MUCH better little mermaid than any ole statue could ever make!