Thursday, June 24, 2010

Highland Games

One thing that Shawn has been talking about wanting to see for a while now is the Highland Games in Scotland. We did not think that there was going to be one one while we were there until we went to visit Euan's aunt, uncle, and grandfather in Northern Scotland. It turns out that their nephew (Euan's cousin) was going to be participating in the Highland Games in a town that was on our way! When we got there, it was amazing...their were bagpipe and dancing competitions going on non-stop. Our main goal though was to see the "heavy" stuff. That included: hammer tossing, stone throwing, and tree throwing. We met the president of the Highland Games who let us into the inner circle to watch so we got to see the giant men throw very large things. It was crazy. For the tree throwing, the had to hold the trunk of a tree, run with it, then throw it and make it flip. I have never seen such a thing! Apparently their is a Highland Games that comes to Colorado so I will check that out for sure...then I will get to wear my kilt again too!

1 comment:

  1. Krist, I ADORE your new scottish hat! I want one!!!!!
    And that is SO COOL that you guys got to see the HIghland games. I am so jealous!
    56 pounds - that is one HEAVY stone!!
    Was that guy actually announcing in English?