Saturday, June 5, 2010

French Riviera

We made it to the French Riviera...or the Cote d'Azur as they say here! After El Gato, my home, and my parents' houses, this is my favorite spot on earth. We are in the French Alps looking at the Mediterranean Sea with its super clear blue-green water. How can you not love this place! Thanks to a Christmas present from Dad and Tina, we are staying in a Chateau (castle) with views of everything! We are in the region of Provence with its lavender fields (you would love it, Mom!) and its tasty cuisine. We have been able to swim in the ocean as well as explore all of the little towns along the mer (sea). The town that we are staying in dates back to the Medieval times and you can see castles and buildings that once housed knights and fair ladies! We are also at the opening of one of the old Roman Roads...where the expression, "All roads lead to Rome" came from. This road was used my merchants and people to travel to Rome, Italy during the height of the Roman Empire! This is also the place where Henri Matisse, the artist, came to play. There is a chapel here in Vence that he designed!


  1. Beautiful pictures! What jet setters you've become. I am definitely framing one of these!

  2. good thing Shawn cut his hair for your birthday - he was starting to look like a beach bum hippie!
    It looks fabulous and wonderful there, really!
    Maybe I could live in southern france - Guillaume would be happy.