Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is an excitement in the air right now because the Princess of Sweden, Princess Victoria is getting married this weekend. Sweden is part of Scandanavia but like each Scandanavian country, it has its own government. They have a Prime Minister as well as a cabinet of ministers that rule the country but they also have a Royal Family. They have a King, Queen, a Prince, and 2 Princesses. This family has no political power (they will even get in trouble if they express any opinions!) but they still have a palace,

guards, crowns, and pretty clothes! Sweden is such a beautiful country complete with windmills, old buildings, and views of the Baltic Sea (which is very cold!) We got to ride a train through Sweden and see the countryside as well as take a boat in Stockholm (Sweden's capital) to see the city by sea!

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  1. Sweden just seems SO cool. I can't believe that in all my time in Europe I never made it there.
    I just looked up pictures of the princess, and she is adorable! I can't believe how badly I NEED to go there now!