Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Birthday

My 30th birthday was fantastic! For starters, I got to spend it in Sweden (land of the beautiful people). Then, I told Shawn that what I wanted was 3 meals with snacks in between and presents at each food time for my birthday! Shawn had the whole day planned. I got breakfast (with a note and a SAINTS key chain), a picnic lunch with fruits, cheese, bread, and chocolate (with a note and echidna coins from Australia), fika (with a note and a pretty Greek glass magnifying glass), dinner (with a note and a silver bell necklace from Greece and a silver train whistle charm from the Orient Express), and cake (with a note and 2 wooden Bali necklaces). We also got to stay in a super fancy hotel that had a light show in the room! It was an awesome day planned around food and can you beat that? To top it off, Shawn got his hair cut for me for my birthday AND I got lots of flowers throughout the day! I also got wonderful e-mails from my friends and family so I love being 30!


  1. Oh. My. Word. That hotel room. hahahahahaha!!

  2. So AWESOME! It sounds like you absolutely had the most FABULOUS birthday! I wish I could come join you there. I just got my Sweden post card.
    Watching you sing and dance made me miss you so much!