Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since I saw the movie The Waterhorse, I have been convinced that Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster) lives. Loch Ness (or Lake Ness) is outside of Inverness, Scotland which is, of course, right where I went to Nessie hunt. I thought I had found her at one point only to later realize it was only a stick. Loch Ness is the deepest lake in Scotland so there are plenty of places for her to hide. The first spotting of her though was in the 1920's whci would make her in her 80's. Unless she has kids, we better find her soon. Their is actually a guy who moved to Inverness to devote himself full time to finding Nessie. I unfortunatley cannot devote myself to this task at the moment so I will have to rely on him to find her and hopefully he will tell me when he does!

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  1. Where is your picture of the Nessie statue?
    It's amazing how deep it is, isn't it?