Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ciao Milano

Buongiorno Milano! We took a flight from Athens to Milan, Italy. Since there were no trains out of Athens, we decided to take the cheapest flight we could find that would take us the closest to southern France and Milan it was. Milan is known to most as one of the fashion capitals of the world. There were stores everywhere with clothes that were super expensive and people everywhere shopping! I was not that impressed with the actual was just kind of a big city like you could find anywhere. I did love the food though...pasta and pizza! Shawn loved all of the fast cars that people drove around the city. Our favorite thing about Milan was the cathedral. In Italian, cathedral is Il Duomo. This cathedral is the 4th largest gothic cathedral in the world and it is beautiful. Leonardo da Vinci also has a lot of works in Milan including his ever so famous picture of the Last Supper. All in all, Milan was fun. Our next stop though is southern France and I can't wait! Ciao!

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  1. That's what I've heard about Milano as well.
    Is it weird that I can't remember if I've been there. I think I was.