Friday, June 25, 2010


Iceland is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. I wanted to come here ever since I saw the movie The Mighty Ducks and learned that Greenland is icy and Iceland is green. And, yes, it is very green. There are over 600 species of moss here and they cover the ground (and they are so soft that you can lie down and take a nap if you get tired of hiking!) But green doesn't mean warm. Iceland boasts that it has mild temperatures all year round and that it is warmer than New York in the winter. What they don't say is that it is that temperature all year round. Since Shawn and I are chasing the summer and have no coats or mittens, we are FREEZING! The parts of Iceland that are not green look something like I imagine the moon to look like! It is crazy. Then throw in the purpleist fields you have ever seen and that is Iceland. There are not really any towns here so the thing to do is hike and explore...and we have stumbled upon some pretty amazing things this way!

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