Monday, June 7, 2010


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Denmark is a country that attaches to Germany. It is a penninsula. Copenhagen is an island (so it is not attached to mainland Denmark) in the Baltic Sea. Denmark is also known as Viking Country since the Vikings settled here over 1000 years ago. Now Denmark is ruled by a prince and it is one of the oldest kingdoms in the world (its first king ruled in the 10th century!) People in Denmark are called Danish people and they speak Danish...but they also all speak English! Everyone here rides bikes as well so Shawn and I spent our day riding bikes through the town to see the palace where the royal family lives, the old castle where past kings and queens live, the harbor, old churches, and colorful houses.

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  1. I officially want to move to Denmark (yesterday it was Norway; two hours ago it was Sweden) - the oldest Kingdom in the world?!? MUST LIVE THERE!!!!