Thursday, April 22, 2010

We're in Nepal!

After a few days in Bangkok, we hopped on an airplane and flew to the country of Nepal to see our good friend Summer and her family. We were so excited when we got off of the airplane and there she was (we haven't seen her in 3 years). Nepal is a small country in Asia that is directly above India (India is also to the east and west of Nepal) and directly below Tibet (now part of China). Summer and her husband Bo and their kids are here helping the Tibetan people in Nepal know about Jesus. When we got her car at the airport we immediately realized that Nepal is like no other country we have ever been to. Leaving the airport, we drove down the dusty streets of Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal) with people, motorbikes, trucks, cars, cows (they are sacred here so they can just walk through the county...if you hit one with your car, you will go to jail for 15 years), and lots and lots of trash. There are no garbage trucks here to take your trash away so people just throw their trash in the creeks and rivers. Everyone honks and drives like crazy. At her house we got to meet her 3 year old (Sophie) and 1 year old (Izzy) and cook out Nepali style (we had to use leaves to start the grill fire.) We also learned that you cannot have power all of the time here. So if you want to have lights, TV, video games, fans, etc., you can only have them at certain times! When the lights went out, we just did everything in the dark!

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