Friday, April 9, 2010


Apa kabar (how are you?) Bali is fantastic. We arrived here and were a bit overwhelmed at first. Bali is a very small island with A LOT of peole...3.5 million to be exact and there are 1.2 million motorbikes on the island that seem to follow no driving rules whatsoever (now that we have been here for a while though, we realize that it works really well.) Bali is part of Indonesia which is 17,000 islands. When we leanded at the airport, we had to first wait in line to pay $25 each to get into Bali. Then we waited in line for about 3 hours to go through customs. It was crazy and long and hot but we made it! And the sunset that we had our first night was very worth it. I think that I am going to like Bali a lot!

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  1. Oh wow, Bali sounds WONDERFUL! I didn't realize that Indonesia was comprised of 17,000 islands! CRAZINESS!!