Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bali animals

The other day, Shawn finally got to snorkel! Since we all know that I cannot snorkel, I stayed in the glass bottom boat and saw fish that way! Afterwards we went to an island that was an turtle refuge (turtles here are killed to use as souvenirs) so they have to protect them. Since Bali is an island, there are not many animals here. Most islands are full of reptiles and birds and Bali is no exception. The animals that you can find here are: turtles, bats, toucans, snakes- pythons (non-venomous) and cobras (venomous), and the bali lizard (I am not sure exactly what kind of lizard that is but my brother Russell is researching that for us!) We got to see and hold all of these animals which was great. I am glad to know that they are all safe.


  1. These certainly are some ugly looking animals. Kristen I don't want to see any more snakes wrapped around your neck. And that bat was as big as a dog!

  2. UGLY?!? Mom is CRAZY! THose animals are ADORABLE!
    Remember that fun book of unloved animals you gave me?