Friday, April 9, 2010

Steve's Place

We got to go to the Steve Irwin zoo! As you know, Steve Irwin was the Crocodile Hunter who passed away a couple fo years ago. I love him and hope that I can have atleast half of his enthusiasm in life! His zoo was amazing. Koalas were free to roam around (in the couple of hours that they are awake!), water dragons cruise the paths, and the crocodiles are HUGE! Shawn and I kept making or way back to the koalas because they are so cute! We even saw a couple that were awake. I really like Steve's philosophy about animals, education, education. The more people know about animals, the more they respect and are less afraid of them, the more they want to protect them. Audrey would love it!

1 comment:

  1. I would love it! I'm so sad that we had to miss the Steve Irwin zoo! It was closed the only day we could have gone!
    I'm feeling sad thinking about him, now.
    Aggro sounds hilarious - a croc that likes to eat lawnmowers! Crikey!