Monday, April 5, 2010


As most of you know...I am a bit frightened by lizards. I am really trying to do better though. If you look closely in one of the pictures you will see that a lizard has cheese hanging from his mouth. Shawn and I had a picnic and lizards wathed us. When a piece of cheese dropped from a sandwich, the lizard stalked it for a bit then ran out and grabbed it. It was quite fun (but I hope the cheese doesn't upset their stomachs.) Then when we went to Steve Irwin's zoo (more on that later) a water dragon ran across my feet. I tried to be ok with it and did a little video of all of the water dragons around the zoo but Shawn scared me (as you can see in the video) and set back all of that progress. Finally...we were driving to a hike one day and I saw a huge lizard by the road (we were on a dirt road in the middle on nowhere with no one to hear my screams). We got out and tried to find it. You can see how that went in the video too. It turns out it was a goanna which are completely harmless. One day I will face my lizard fears full on and go to Komodo Island to see the world's largest lizard: the Komodo Dragon in its natural environment!


  1. This post gave me the heebeejeebees :) I'm glad you were there and I was not!

  2. You are so funny!
    That lizard really was camouflaged in the tree.
    It's so much fun to scare you with lizards. :-P
    I loved the last comment on that video. . .
    I also wish that I could have gone to Steve Irwin's zoo. We didn't have time. :-(