Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shawn's birthday

For Shawn's 30th birthday we went to the rockslides just north of Townsville Queenslaand (Australia is made up like states just like the USA but they only have 8- Queensland, New South Wales, ACT (the capital), Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and Western Australia, and Southern Australia.) Shawn found the rockslides in a magazine on the airplane and they were so much fun. Apparently no one else reads the airline magazines because we were the only ones there. We went again and again and again. We then had a picnic (when we fed the lizards cheese) and got cupcakes from a local baker at the market. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY SHAWN!


  1. Happy Birthday, Shawn!
    And oh man, what was I thinking not reading the inflight magazine? That looks SO MUCH FUN!!

  2. It looks like Shawn took off his swim shorts. I guess nobody was there, so why not? ;-)