Friday, April 9, 2010

Sea Turtles

A couple of days after Shawn's birthday, we learned of a town that we were going to be driving through that was the place where loggerhead turtles came in to lay their eggs. About 8 weeks after that, the eggs hatch and the baby turtles crawl out to sea. When we arrived we learned that it was the end of the season and that the chances of seeing the eggs hatch and babies crawl out were slim. We went anyway. And we waited...and waited...and waited. And we saw nothing. It was very educational though and we even got to go out with a ranger and clean out a nest full of egg shells and a couple of eggs that didn't hatch. Then we got to see a baby turtle that had hatched earlier that evening (they hatch at night since it is cooler then...we were there until 11:00!)

1 comment:

  1. That's right, kiddos, throw that trash away!
    Sorry you didn't get to see any eggs hatch, but sounds awesome nonetheless!