Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today we went to the "shopping" part of Nepal. Shawn rode on the back of Bo's motorcycle and I rode on the back of Summer's scooter. The video shows you the streets of Nepal complete with the river where everyone throws their trash. I wish that you could smell it! There were people and cows everywhere while we shopped. And all of the shops have pretty much the same thing so if you don't like the price at one shop, you can go to another. The part of Nepal that we were in is called Thamel. In some of the shops we went into, we got to see the people making the things right there. We saw people making shirts, scarfs, necklaces, wood carvings, and stone carvings. It was really neat to see how everything is made. The other interesting thing is that everyone spits here all of the time. Since it is so dirty and polluted, people just spit out the grime whenever they feel like it: on the street, in the stores, on people's scooter...everywhere. Also, shop owners throw water out of their shops a lot in order to keep it from getting so dusty. So, you have to be careful everywhere you walk!

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  1. Summer, you do a great job maneuvering that scooter! Who do the cows belong to? They obviously have the right of way.