Thursday, April 22, 2010


Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand. Upon arrival, Shawn and I were told about 7 Buddhas that we just HAD to see. Because of the riots though we were not able to go to many places. We did make it to the reclining buddha though. We were told that it is the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand (which tells me that there are bigger buddhas in Thailand and bigger reclining buddhas elsewhere). It is 46 meters long and 15 meters tall and it is BIG! What Pho is the temple that this buddha is in and there are over 1000 buddhas there. It was quite crazy. I have never seen so many buddhas in my life. In China they believe that rubbing the buddha's belly will bring them good luck. They do not do that in Thailand but I rubbed his toe just in case. To enter the temple, everyone had to take off their shoes. We also went to the Grand Palace which has all of the past kings and queens jewels and crowns. Sadly, it was closed.

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