Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snorkeling Failure

As most of you know, I can’t snorkel. That doesn’t stop me from trying though. The first day that we landed on Turtle Island, Shawn and I were taken out snorkeling. We had masks, snorkels, fins, and a local guy named Vorro took us out on the boat. Shawn and I both jumped in and Shawn swam off calmly looking at all of the colorful fish, coral, and sea plants that are underwater. I fell in, splashed around, scared everything away, tried to breathe through the snorkel, failed, and had to come up for air. Somehow, as I was coming up for air, I dropped my snorkel down to the bottom of the ocean. It was quite an embarrassing first impression to make on our new friend Vorro and then Shawn had to risk his life and swim to the bottom of the sea floor to retrieve it. Needless to say, I did not snorkel again.

***I had wonderful pictures of Shawn snorkeling, me trying to snorkel and the wonderful Pacific Ocean of Fiji. Unfortunately my camera was run over by a car and has died. The good news is that my memory card still works, but I can’t put the pictures on the computer yet to show you all the great pictures that I have taken so far. Luckily Shawn had a few pictures and now I am taking pictures with his camera to put on here! For now, you'll just have to enjoy some non-snorkeling Fiji pictures!


  1. waterproof, 2000 lbs of force proof...guess the ole camera wasnt car proof. :(

  2. OH NO!!!! Do you need me to send you a camera some where????

  3. Mate - I am so sad to hear about your camera. Thank goodness Buddy has one, too. You can share. I see that on your table, there is a bottle of sunscreen. You just lost me. But, Buddy may need a little more put on. He looks a little red. I am so glad y'all are having so much fun! Sorry snorkeling did not work out so well.

  4. Oh no! You went on a mega updating spree while I was away for the weekend! Now I have tons of catching up to do!
    I still can't believe that your camera was run over by a car!!!!
    I'm also SO sad that you never figured the snorkeling thing out. It's hard, and it's not like riding a bike, but once you get the hang of it, it's worth it! Maybe you should have asked for a child's mask like I did. :-P