Friday, February 26, 2010

McLaren Falls

There are lots of waterfalls in New Zealand. The other day, Shawn and I went to one called McLaren Falls. It was not a very big waterfall but it was quite pretty. There was also a big lake there that had trees from all over the world around it. They had aspen trees from Colorado and cypress trees from Louisiana. It made me feel close to home even though I am far away! We also got to feed the ducks and swans which is always fun. A swan began to chase me (why do I seem to always get chased by animals) to get to my bread and I had to climb up on a picnic table!


  1. It is because you have that animal magnetism...

  2. That big black swan is very nice looking. But, kinda big and scary. Is this the one that chased you?

  3. Swans can be very aggressive, it's true. It's said that they are even more effective than guard dogs.
    I love the pictures of you and Shawn in front of the beautiful waterfall!