Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bula Bula (that means hello) from Fiji

Bula and sorry for the delay in blogging. We have not had wireless Internet for a while but we are safe and sound and having an outstanding time. I am going to post a lot now so you can see what we have been doing so far...then hopefully I can post more regularly after this. Figi was outstanding! We flew first class so we got to sit in the front of the plane, we had lots of room, and they fed us a lot. It was awesome! We landed in Nadi (pronounced Nandi) 2 days after we left the states becuase it was a 10 hour flight and we crossed the International Dateline. So basically we are already in tomorrow over here. After landing, we went to another airport and hopped on a seaplane to Turtle Island which to us was paradise! SOme great things that I learned about Fiji are: Fiji is made up of over 320 islands (no one knows for sure how many)...that means if you went to one island a day, it would take almost a year to see them all. People from Fiji are some of the nicest people in the world. Fijians used to be cannibals a long time ago (that means that they ate people) The language of the government is English but most people also speak Fijian and their local village language (that's 3 languages!) Alot of people from India live in Fiji so they eat a lot of Inidan food (yum!)


  1. Mate...it looks like you are having a blast. Do all of the Fijians sing super seprano? I could not sing that high! I really liked your plane on the water. That was really cool. I want to come and play with you. I am so glad y'all are having so much fun. Write again soon, Mate!

  2. That looks like a nice lake to take Jubilee too. Maybe we should look into that?

    First class! Shawn you are so lucky. I bet you had plenty of room to sprawl out and be comfortable. I've never had the benefit of leg room on a plane.

  3. Bula! Glad that Shawn was so skillful at flying the sea plane and therefore kept you guys alive! I would have been so scared!
    And you guys look so comfortable there in first class. I am SO glad that the blogging has started!! :-)

  4. Bula from cold Colorado! So glad you made it safely and had a great time...the tan looks great! When do you come back to today...or are you stuck in tomorrow for a while. I am also glad many years ago the missionaries convinced the Fijians to change their food of choice so you were not dinner.

  5. WOW! We miss you guys so much! Glad you are able to update us!