Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kava Time

The villages of Fiji are very strict. Women must wear long skirts and men even often wear a long skirt called a suva. They go to church every Sunday even if the church is on a different island entirely. That means that they have to take a boat to church. They also do not allow any alcohol in the villages. Fijians though drink a beverage called Kava (every evening except Sunday). It is mixed in a bowl and looks like muddy water. It is a combination of water and kava root (that has been crushed into a fine powder) that is mixed by hand. It is served in smaller Kava bowls and before drinking, you must clap your hands together once. After drinking, you must clap 3 times. Shawn and I tried Kava and I thought that it tasted how it brown muddy water. It also makes your lips tingle!


  1. Mate...this looks like Green Drink that you make me drink. Bleh! Is Kava good for you like Green Drink? Maybe if I clapped before and after Green Drink it would taste better?

  2. was like doing a shot! and mate...maybe clapping will make green drink better, but it did not make kava better!

  3. lol! So, it tasted like it looked, huh?
    That's so crazy that they go to church every Sunday, even if the church is on a different island. Are they protestant there?