Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coromandel Penninsula

There is a legend in New Zealand that goes like this:
The Maori tribe (the original inhabitants of New Zealand) lived on the South Island. Their leader one day was out fishing and caught the North Island using the South Island as his canoe. His brothers got hungry though and began to munch on the top of the island. That is how the north island came to be and why the north island has so may pieces carved away creating different islands and penninsulas!

The northeastern penninsula is called the Coromandel Penninsula and it is absolutely beautiful. On our way back from Hot Water Beach, we drove along the coast. We went by Cook's Beach which is where English explorer Captain Cook landed when he discovered New Zealand. As we made our way down the coast, we went through many small villages and saw lots of cows. A long time ago sheep were big in New Zealand being their number one industry (how the country makes money). There used to be about 70 million sheep here. Now there are about 40 million (still a lot, huh!) but the main industry now is dairy.


  1. These pictures are beautiful! But, where are the cow pictures? The lamb I fixed a few weeks ago was a product of New Zealand. We have lamb in Asheville...I wonder why I had to pay to have one from New Zealand? It's was more authentic that way! And, if I did my math correctly, it seems there are 10 million times more sheep than people. WOW!!

  2. Yeah, I'm with Mate - why are there no pictures of cows?
    That's such a funny story. He got hungry, so he just ate some chunks out of the island - la di da.