Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hot Water Beach

As most of you know, I do not like to camp. I do not like setting up tents, sleeping on the ground, and I especially don't like to share a bathroom. Well, guess what. Shawn and I drove up to an area in northeastern New Zealand and we camped. It actually wasn't that bad (i did not take a shower though!) We went to an area called Hot Water Beach and it was so cool. The pictures are on my camera (the smooshed one) but I will tell you about it anyway. During low tide (when the water from the ocean is out away from the beach) we dug a big hole in the sand. Since New Zealand was formed by volcanoes, there is still some thermal (hot) activity under the ground. In this spot it is very hot and very close to the surface. So we dug a hole to where the underground water was and it was so hot! We then sat it in and watched the sunset! Our seawall (the wall that we made of sand to protect our hole from waves that came up too close) collasped right before we left so we got really cold from the ocean! Some of the holes we dug in the beginning were so hot that we couldn't even put our feet in. It was so neat! The next day we went out to a different beach and we got to see dolphins. They were awesome....flipping and dancing in the waves. We also hiked to a beach called Cathedral Cove (the pictures are also on my camera). There were a lot of rock formations in the water that we leanrned were formed when caves collapse.


  1. Mate...I am so glad you enjoyed camping! I cannot wait for you to visit me again and we can go to some of our favorite spots. I think the hot water was really neat! Who knew? And, why do the dolphins not get hot? I would like to see these pictures. Sorry again about your camera.

  2. Frankly, if I got to dig a hole to sit in really warm thermal water, I would deal with the camping. I'm so glad to hear it wasn't that bad, because that sounds like an AWESOME experience! I hope that you will post your pictures when you finally can.