Friday, May 21, 2010

United Arab Emirates

We made it to the middle east! We are in the country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We are in its capital city of Abu Dhabi visiting my friend Sophie and her husband Scott. The UAE is a very new was just formed in 1971. It was created by Sheikh Zayed who is loved and revered by everyone who lives there. Since he is no longer living, his sons have take over the responsibility of being Crown Prince and President of the UAE. Before Sheikh Zayed, the Emirates were 7 different tribes existing on their own in poverty. Sheikh Zayed was able to unite the tribes and distribute all of the oil wealth amongst the people. Now everyone in the UAE has money, a job, and a place to live so they worship Sheikh Zayed. He is buried at the Grand Mosque in a building that is illegal to be photographed and a guy will read from the Koran 24 hours a day 7 days a week stopping only for the prayer that happens 5 times a day. They also worship Allah because the people of the UAE are muslim. That means that muslim women must keep their arms, legs, and head covered at all times. To do this they weaar an abaya (black dresss) and sheila (black head scarf.) The actual city of Abu Dhabi is an island in what I know to be the Persian Gulf. People from the UAE are offended if you call it this. They say that is Iran's waters and their waters are the Gulf of Arabia.


  1. What an emotionally provoking experience for you.

  2. awesome!
    Is it the same guy who is always reading all the time every day?