Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ancient Greece

Well poop (can teachers say poop?) I made a whole movie of ancient Greece and it is not letting me upload it. It has been trying for hours and nothing is happening. So, you get to see the Parthenon and that is about it. A central thing to Greece is Agora which was in its time the hub of Athens. It was where festivities, religious events, political rallies, and governement meetings took place. The big hill next to Agora is known as the Acropolis which is where temples to the Greek gods were built. These temples also served as meeting places just like down in the central part of the city. Over time, when Greece was invaded by different armies (Roman, Turkish, and Slavic to name a few) the buildings began to crumble and some were lost completely. In modern times (over the past couple hundred years) pieces of these buildings have been found and the ancient city is being restored!

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  1. I love all these jumping pictures of you (guys)!
    Man, Greek ruins are amazing!