Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elephant Camp

In Chiang Mai, Shawn and I got to ride Asian elephants. It was great! We explored the jungles on our elephant then ended in the water where the elephant sucked up water in his trunk and sprayed it all over himself as well as us. There was also a little 2 week old baby that trekked along with us. He was so cute. One thing I did learn while riding elephants was that elephants sounds like dogs when they make noise! When we got back we got to feed bananas to the elephants (I didn't even try to eat one in case the elephant wanted to attack me to get it!)


  1. Great video! The elephants look friendly. Did they spray you being playful or were you just in the line of fire?

  2. Elephants sound like dogs? Interesting. . .today with my student, we were being lion elephants, and he informed me that they actually sound like lions. I was skeptical.
    That's so funny that you can tell the difference between the elephants by their toenails.
    That baby elephant is the cutes thing EVER!