Friday, May 21, 2010

Desert Safari

We had so much fun on our desert safari! We got to go dune bashing through the UAE desert which was a blast! I got just a little car sick (I think it made the driver nervous!) but had so much fun. After slipping and sliding through the sand, we got to ride on a camel. The we got to sandboard (which is like snowboarding on the sand). We also got henna tattoos (don't worry, they wash off!) and got to see traditional dancing (of course I had to join in.) Afterwards we ate Arabic food which means lots of hummus! After dinner we got to try on the muslim clothes. Someone helped to put my sheila on this time so no hair was showing! It was awesome!


  1. Now this sounds like fun! Do you go very fast boarding in the sand? Shawn the scorpian, I'm not sure which is more impressive, the muscle or the tatoo!

  2. I want to go sandboarding! :-)
    And you look HOT in your burka.

    Oh, and Shawn's scorpion is also super hot!