Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kassie and I learn how to drive a scooter

Ok, it may sounds easy, but driving a scooter is hard. After riding on one in Nepal with Summer then riding with Shawn in Thailand I thought, "Sure I can drive a scooter!" But it is not as easy as it looks. Take turning for example...what keeps you from falling over when you turn? And how are you supposed to drive when you have a passanger wiggling behind you? And what if your flip flop falls off while your feet are on the ground to balance you before you get started? These are all things that I had to learn how to do while at the beach. Kassie (Shawn's 14 year old sister) learned as well. We decided to get matching bandanas to be in the "cool people who drive scooters club." Next time I want a helmet. You get to going fast on those roads. I had tears coming out of my eyes from going so fast as well as bugs flying into my mouth! It was super fun but I think I'll stick to Thailand and not bring my new skill to the States just yet!

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