Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting to Chiang Mai

This is not the Orient Express! To get to Chiang Mai from the beach, we had to take an overnight train. Shawn's dad told us before we got on that the only similarities with this train and the Orient Express was that they both went on tracks. He was not far off! It was a different experience for sure, but when I walked from my nice first class cabin down to the ecomony cabins I felt very happy to be where I was. We got to have our own cabin (well, we shared with the roaches)and small sink. We also had a bathroom (squatty potty) that was only shared with a few other cabins. Others were packed into one small space with no sink many many people to a bathroom. I was also happy that we brought pizza on board and had a pizza/Uno party! We affectionatley named our train "The Roach Coach!" and now we are happy to be in Chiang Mai!


  1. What an experience...everything is relative!

  2. wow, what a BIG change from the Orient Express!